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Plan Your Golf Holiday

A golf holiday should be everything you imagined it to be when you decided to go.

And there are ways you can enhance your experience!

Secret Ingredients of The Ultimate Golf Vacation

Firstly, you can go for an extended period of time to make sure you enjoy everything that country has to offer. But all that enjoyment should be shared, so go with someone! You also want as much spending money as you can gather, so we’ll show you ways to save on your golf trip. So how else can you get value for your money when going on a golf trip? Here are five suggestions that will provide you with the ultimate golfing experience.

Go with your usual golfing companions

You’ll enjoy your golf holiday so much more if you take along those friends and family members you’re used to playing with. Going alone may give you the chance to work on your game, but true enjoyment comes from sharing such an experience. So don’t be a loner on your golf trip; take a few companions along.

Save money wherever you can

Taking people with you is a great way to save money on your golf vacation too. In fact, there are many ways you can save on your traveling costs and put away more money for spending.

  • Book your flights in advance
  • Share accommodation with your friends
  • Bypass the travel agent and book your own holiday
  • Pack everything you need to avoid buying golf equipment
  • Ask for a discount when booking your golf course

These savings will allow you to spend money on the things you really want to; instead of the things you have to.

Enjoy the culture of the country you’re visiting

Playing golf is enough of a reason to visit another country. But chances are you will be enamoured with the different cultures and sceneries you encounter. Be sure to schedule this into your holiday. European countries are especially rich with culture and they offer many other activities in addition to golf. Go sightseeing if you have the opportunity to do so. Enjoy the natural scenery of the area. If the country has a beach, experience that too. Don’t leave saying, “Oh, I wish I had tried that.”

Visit a country that is well known for its golfing culture

Countries such as Portugal, Scotland and Spain are well known for their golfing passion. If you want to experience golf on a new level, then these countries should be high on your list. Algarve alone has over 40 different professional golf courses—all of them famous for challenging even the most seasoned golfers. Scotland is where golf was invented, so it goes without saying that golf courses there are excellent. Spain is a simple boat ride away from Algarve in Portugal. You may as well visit both if you’re in that area.

So make the most of every moment and create some memories you’ll never forget. If you’ve already been to some great countries, tell someone about it and spread the word to other golfers who are looking for a spectacular experience.


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Go for at least a week

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