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4 Simple Methods To Reduce Swing Tension – Golf Tips

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, any golfer has faced some amount of swing tension that has messed up their shot and sent the ball off into another direction or nowhere at all. The main thing to remember when trying to get rid of this swing tension is to relax. Clear your mind of all thoughts and leave all your worries and troubles behind when you step on that grassy field. Even if you are having first time jitters, try not to think about it and follow the four tips we have listed below to ease the swing tension.

Loosen that grip

Make sure that before you take your shot, you have loosened your grip as much as possible. Most people hold on tightly to their golf clubs as they feel that they will mess up the shot otherwise and start panicking. But the more you relax your grip, the more control you will have over the shot. So let go of the firm grasp and just ease yourself into that shot.

Hit as many 100 yard drivers as you can

Try to hit as many 100 yard shots as you can so that you can get used to the idea of swinging at first. Just start with 30 per cent swing in your first shot and forget about where the ball is going. Just concentrate on getting that swing right and keep increasing the swing intensity as you get more and more comfortable.

Keep your base solid

Having the right stance will help you feel more at ease when taking the shot so you should try to perfect that stance. Keep your base solid and loosen your upper body to perfect that tension free swing. You can even practice with a Kettle bell to loosen your upper body and get that perfect stance.

Waggle your body properly

The last thing you should make sure to do is to waggle your body properly before taking the shot so as to get rid of any tension in your body. It helps you to get the fluidity of the shot right and try to waggle along the target line in a back and forth motion. Also try to keep only one swing thought in mind and don’t think of all the different ways to play it or you may just end up confusing yourself.

The main thing you should do is to keep practicing so that you can familiarize yourself with the swing that suits you best and get rid of all those nerves.


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