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List Of Great 4-Star Hotels For A Golf Getaway In Eastern Algarve

Algarve has some of the best hotels that you can think about. This is particularly so when you consider the fact that a good number of these hotels are designed to cater to the needs of golfers who come from all walks of life to have fun here. There are hotels of all kinds and sizes, resorts, and golf clubs. All of these are available for people of different budgets.

Depending on the kind of budget plan that you are working with, you will come across so many incredible hotels here. If you are looking for the best experience but are not willing to pay the steep price of the high end 5-star hotels, there is nothing wrong with trying out some of the best 4-star hotels in Eastern Algarve.

The following are some of the best options that you have in as far as wining, dining and having fun in Eastern Algarve is concerned:

  • Clube Praia da Oura
  • Ondamar
  • Paraiso de Albufeira
  • Vilanova

Clube Praia da Oura

This is one of the best hotels that you can get into so far, especially when you consider its location, on a golden beach. With more than 500 rooms available, apartments and an amazing view of the Atlantic, you should have no qualms about spending some time in this hotel.


One of the best things about spending time in this hotel is the fact that you will be able to gain access to a lot of amenities. From restaurants, shops and bars, all of these are within a walking distance from the hotel. Therefore if you are here to enjoy the ultimate holiday, complete with interaction with the local community, this is one of the best hotels that you can check into.

Paraiso de Albufeira

This hotel is just a few minutes away from the sandy beaches. It is indeed beautiful, and useful especially for someone who is working on a simple budget. This will help you have a good time without worrying about the impact on your pocket. In fact, you can even bring kids along and have them use the kids’ club.


This is an ideal resort for someone who is looking to spend some time close enough to some of the best locations in the region so far. You have the chance of enjoying an amazing outdoor pool, tennis and football courts too.


I wanted to find a good adviser on golf trips but find this indeed helpful place where you can both boost your skills and pick the most picturesque golf spot.

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