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5 Golf Drills To Help You Work On Your Swing Rhythm

Swing with balance and accuracy is the hallmark of all great players. In fact, what we see is that each top player, be it Ernie Els, Tom Watson, or any other, have different tempo, some swing fast and some slow, but it’s undeniable that all golf pros have great balance and are consistently accurate. The means to excel in the above mentioned attributes is to develop a smooth rhythm. In a perfectly executed rhythmic swing, all the elements – the stance, movement, backswing, downswing, the impact, and follow through – gel together as one.

Here are 5 golf drills that’ll help you with swing rhythm.

Drill to relax and improve focus

Begin by focusing your mind, and flow into the zone. Make this drill a regular affair before each shot, during practice or in a game. Take a couple of minutes to focus and quiet your mind, and then spend some time surveying the shot, positioning the ball correctly, and assuming a proper stance. As you work on this drill, you’ll see the time needed to get into the zone will decrease and you’ll feel more focused.

Drill to improve your natural swing

  • At 4inch intervals place five golf balls horizontally
  • Using a 7-iron hit the ball in one easy continuous swing
  • Move towards the second ball and again with a continuous swing drive the ball. Repeat it three more times.
  • Practice this drill regularly to get comfortable with your natural swing

Drill to understand the balance points

To improve balance, it’s key you understand the way the body reacts during a swing. With the eyes closed, feel your stance and balance before the swing. Next, take a full backswing and hold your frame; now feel the weight shift, body movement, and balance of the inner foot.

On the downswing, once more feel the weight move – this time to the front foot – and just at the point of impact freeze again and analyze your balance and body position. Follow through with the swing till the finish and again feel the way the weight shifts and the body reacts.

Drill to perfect your balance

Now you have a good idea of the balance points. It’s time to perfect your balance by following a routine. Practice your swing, begin slowly, and use just 10 percent of your normal swing speed. Repeat this drill 10 times. Then increase the swing speed to 20 percent and again repeat the swing 10 times. Follow this drill by increasing the speed in 10 percent installments till you reach 80 percent.

Drill to improve short and brisk swings

Along with the above mentioned drills, practice short and brisk swings. You would have noticed Tiger Woods work on it, mostly on the last few holes of each game. Drill to perfect your short and brisk swing can help you gain control over pace and rhythm, and even help you identify and solve some of the flaws in your swing.


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