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Tried and Tested Drills off the Tee for Golfers of all Levels

Do you tug, drag, yank, or pull the ball from the left of your target? In case you answered yes, you must be accustomed with pulling the golf shots. Often your ball reaches a not- so- favorable position on the course. The ball begins left, remains there, and finally reaches the water, bunker, or even leaps out of borders. You need to make good contact for your golf club and the golf ball. The great news is that you can fix this problem with the help of easy drills.

Drill for ball striking

  • Place one golf ball at a distance of one inch on the front side of your forward foot. You can also tee your ball if you want additional assistance. You might feel awkward when you place the ball forward in the stance than its normal placement with the driver, but it is better if you stick to this position.
  • Go ahead to sweep the golf all off its tee and attempt to make it airborne with a smooth swing. Now, concentrate on the weight of your body and the way it should move vigorously on your left when you take the downswing.
  • When you shift the hips to your left before you encounter the golf club with the ball, it implies that the club will not remain behind the golf ball when it hits the ground. It must give you more poise that hitting the ground and making the divot is a positive area of hitting good golf shots.

How to stop pulling the golf shots

The main point you must remember while attempting to stop pulling the golf shots is to find out how you can control the beginning line of the ball, which can let you play any kind of golf shot.

  • Keep your posterior in the direction of the target for slightly longer time.
  • Many golfers are inclined to spin their bums and open their shoulders very early in their downswing. It makes the golf club cut transverse to the ball and move it left.
  • Ball slicing is infamous for this step. You can rather keep the arms quieter on the downswing and your back in the direction of the target for slightly longer time. It will compel the head of the club to come from the inner side and move out rightwards and give you a more desirable flight of ball.


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