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8 Tried And True Chipping Golf Tips From The Best Players

There are so many amazing players out there, players who have made it in their game, starting from the bottom and eventually becoming some of the best in the world so far. If you are a keen golf player, you will know some of these players, and try to use their skills and experience as a means of boosting your game.

There are certain chipping tips that you can learn from them, just by watching the way they play. When you are able to do this, you will find it really easy to go on and become an awesome player too. The following tips should help you through it all:

  • Be ready for practice
  • Lean towards the target
  • Hinge your hands
  • Allow your chest to move
  • Pay attention to the impact
  • Choke down on the grip
  • Open and narrow alignment
  • Always keep your head up

Be ready for practice

For you to perfect this and any other shot for that matter, you have to dedicate enough time to practice sessions. This is the only way you will be able to stay on top of your game.

Lean towards the target

You have to start off with a narrow stance to perfect the chip. You should have your feet at a good angle, aiming at the target instead of any other part of the course.

Hinge your hands

For this shot, you will not necessarily need to get too much action on the wrist. That being said however, you still need to make sure that your wrists can naturally accelerate the movement of the club.

Allow your chest to move

Moving your chest is all about using your body as a pivot. The body needs to pivot forward so that you can get an even impact, and produce perfect chips.

Pay attention to the impact

Do not lose sight of the ball or the club at impact. This is one of the easiest ways for you to mess up the shot.

Choke down on the grip

This is pretty much an obvious procedure. It will not only help you move closer to the ball, but also ensures a good counterbalance of the club.

Open and narrow alignment

You have to keep your alignment narrow and open. Most of the time players (beginners) tend to keep their alignment parallel to the target, which is wrong.

Always keep your head up

Always make sure you have your head up. Even while you do this, do not lose sight of the ball either.


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