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How not to Exceed your Budget when Going on a Golf Holiday

A few simple tips will come in handy for saving money

Going on a golf holiday is an expensive deal for many people. Rare are the chances when you do not go out of budget on a golf holiday. But, do not worry. Here, we are telling you some tips because of which you will not have to sell your kidney to afford a golf vacation. Moreover you do not have to sacrifice on the quality of your trip just because you saved some bucks.

Adjust your dates of travel

We know that you love to travel during the peak season. But, at least modify your schedule such that you can travel in the weekdays or just before or after the peak season. If you can manage your schedule, going to a golf destination from Monday to Thursday will add a lot of precious dollars to your savings.

Play after the peak hours

If you partied hard on your night of arrival, you might find it difficult to wake up at 6 am for the round of golf. Take advantage of this situation to save money. Sounds strange right? But, yes you can save money out of this as well. Book your tee timings in the afternoon. If you are travelling during good climatic conditions, playing in the afternoon will not be a problem. Plus, you can get up late.

Ship your equipment

If you carry your equipment through the airlines along with you, you might have to pay inflated baggage charges. But, if you ship them through UPS or FedEx, you might save a lot of money. Check out the prices before you decide.

Carry extra balls and tees

It is definite that you would lose some balls and tees in the golf course. It is absolutely fine. Just carry as many extra balls and tees as you can. This would save you the cost of buying new equipment at your golf vacation.

Do not hire a cart

We know that it is tempting to hire a cart at the golf course. But, you can ditch the cart and walk around the golf course. This will not only save you money but would also be an additional benefit your health. By the way, when did you go to gym last time?

Borrow the clothing

You might be excited to buy the latest clothing in market to carry it along with you for flaunting them at the championship course. But, shed your ego and go to your golfer friends to borrow a few clothes for your golf vacation. There are high chances that their clothing must be lying idle after they returned from their golf trip.


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