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A List of Creative Golf Driving Hints for Beginners

The term driving confuses amateur golfers. The drive stroke starts from par 4 or par 5 hole on the golf course. It means the first stroke that is played from teeing ground on the longer holes. Since the stroke is mostly played using a driver, the shot is named as drive. The ball is always teed for this shot.

In order to set yourself up for a fundamental drive, align your golf ball with your leading foot. The ball should be forward in the stance since you club should make contact with ball when you take the upswing. Aligning forward lets you get the ball take flight and achieve maximum distance. Using a driver leaves hardly any room for mistakes because driver covers the maximum distance among all golf clubs, and when you make errors with a driver such as a hook or a slice, your mistakes may be exaggerated.

Before you refurbish your swing and start a fitness regime, you must ensure that your basics promote a commanding golf swing. You can use the tips given below to increase distance with your driver while still keeping your old style of swing.

Be selective

You have to be selective about using your driver off the tee. It is not necessary that you always hit your driver off your tee. The more your practice golf, you will begin learning different methods where you can avoid using a tee. You can use your driver on wider holes, which give you more scope of forgiveness. If you face too much problems, you must use the equipment, which makes you feel most comfortable. This will help you maintain consistency. Since a driver is regarded as the most difficult club to play, you will get much advice for playing with it.

Tee high

You can tee slightly higher, but do not tee very high. Basic rule of golf states that you should tee the golf ball such that half portion of the ball stays above the top of the face of the club when you address it. If you tee too high, you may risk chip away the ball.

Ball position

When you hit the driver, your ball should be constant with the left heel; your toe should be flared a little outward. Your clubface should move slightly upward at the impact, so that the launch angel and driver’s loft is maximized.

Widen the stance

Keep your feet slightly wider than your shoulders at the address. This raises the tension between your shoulders and hips on the backswing.


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