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A Collection Of Amazing Bunker Practice Drills For Golfers

Few golfers dread making bunker shots. They can be viewed as one of the most challenging shots to make even if you don’t find yourself making them often. It helps to practice elements of this shot to get prepared. It helps in working toward consistency. Not matter where the ball lands in the bunker it helps to remember basics actions to ensure the ball moves up and out. Practice includes doing such exercises over and over again so you can see favorable results. Here are a few drills to help practice for bunkers.

  • Penny drill. Create a line of pennies in the sand or wherever you plan to practice. The line of pennies should be in your stance. Practice hitting each penny one at a time moving up to hit each penny. Pay attention to divots as they should be consistent. Divots shouldn’t be too deep. Take practice swings hitting the penny each time.

  • Vary trajectory of shots drill. Use three balls and line them up in your stance. Hit each ball differently creating different trajectory. The first time hit the ball with open clubface, the second ball hit with a slightly open clubface, and the third ball keep it square with the club. Each time you may hit into the sand deeper than before, but this drill can help get the ball out of deep bunkers.

  • Distance control (ladder) drill. This helps the ball fly, land, and stop. The drill includes getting the ball to fly short, long, and in between the previous shots. Line up three balls in your stance. Hit the first short, the second long, and the last one to land in between the previous two. Work toward getting balls to land closer together.

More Tips on Bunker Practice

There are a few videos online to view with similar drills as mentioned. Seek tips and advice from professional golfers and learn what steps advanced players practice on a regular basis to ensure good results. Keep in mind proper golf club to use and how to ensure good balance when playing from an awkward position. Get out on the green and practice playing in bunkers. Think about what you may need to do to or changes necessary to your setup and approach. Consider how to practice when the weather isn’t perfect.


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