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Basic Tips On How To Arrange A Group Golf Package

A golf tour with the people you know is a cherished occasion, a fantastic way to relax with friends and get to know your colleagues better. However, arranging a group golf package is not a stroll in the park, it’s a headache, especially, when you’re doing it for the first time. We want to make the process easy for you. Here are some basic tips to organize the perfect group golf package.

Zero in on a place

A group golf vacation means travelling to a place with great courses and plenty of off course activities. The choices available that satisfy these two conditions are rather too many, so carefully lay down a few more parameters such as budget, time available, group preference, overall group fitness, etc. and then select a place that suits all your group members.

Booking a flight

If your travel plan involves taking a flight, then when you make the booking, clearly specify the size of your party. Also check out how much the airlines charge for the clubs and other luggage items. Many airlines ask golf holidayers to sign a form that releases them of liability in case of any damage to golf equipments. So, use hard sided golf travel case to carry your equipments. Ask for discounts; most airlines and tour operators generally respond positively to any request for a rate cut.


There are many options to choose from for group travelers. Hotels and resorts are the primary choice because most of them offer multiple group packages at discount rates. To find out the packages and services they provide, you can visit their website or directly contact them.

Renting private villas is another option for group travelers. Surprisingly, they are very affordable and you’ll be amazed by the features they come with. Multiple rooms, Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and many more amenities are made available to group travelers.

To keep expenses down and mingle with local folks B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast) accommodation can be considered. B&B’s are ideal for a small group that has more items to cover apart from golf in their itinerary.

Group insurance

An often overlooked aspect of travel is insurance. Availing one will put your mind at ease. Group insurance for travels abroad isn’t expensive, as there are many companies that specializes in such kind of cover, they’ll be more than willing to accommodate your concerns and offer plans that are very much affordable.

As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth. The last thing you need is many members of the group trying to do the same thing like scouting for accommodation, looking for the ideal course, etc. To avoid such an eventuality, delegate the planning and booking process to a professional tour operator or evolve consensus and make one person in charge of all duties.


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