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General Advice On How To Perform An Approach Shot In Golf

Approach shots require the golfer to hit the ball in the green from afar while playing with a full swing and good distance. Such shots are helpful in achieving better scores on the course. They are often considered helpful when playing tournaments and matches. But, they can also help the golfer achieve better distance and good contact overtime. Keep in mind you may have to make minor adjustments depending on the shot. Here are some pointers to consider when improving your approach shot in golf.

  • Have shoulders open when hitting the ball. Use a pitching wedge to make the shot. Use a full swing instead of a half swing. This action is best when you are roughly out of the green at 120 yards. There are elements of this shot you can practice using swing drills. Pay attention to your stance and make changes as needed.
  • When you are roughly up to 70 yards from the target use an iron such as an 8- or a 9- when playing uphill. This is a setup for a chip shot. Your knees are the limit; when you swing it should be to this level. Practice the shot using different irons to get an idea of what happens and how to make necessary changes.
  • If you are less than 15 yards from the target use a 9- iron and make a short swing. A pitching wedge may also work. This can help you get over smaller hazards with minimal follow through. This is also known as a bump and run shot. If you can master this shot this can make playing hazards easier. This is something that will take time but you can get better as long as you practice.
  • A gap or lob wedge is necessary when playing different yards on the green from the hole. This aspect plays a role in how the ball moves on the green. As mentioned you can practice to get more insight on how the angle of the club helps to make the shot. You may develop a preference for a certain club that can help you get results. When hitting more than 100 yards make sure to make full swings. Neglecting to take full swings can lead to poor results. The ball may not get close to its target or go in a direction not intended.


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