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How to Make a Chip from a Divot - A Complete Instruction

You might have faced difficulty in hitting an accurate pitch shot which stops close for a genuine one-putt. When you hit the ball from its back, too much of grass comes between the club face and the ball. On the other hand, if you try to pick it cleanly, you might end up producing a lower trajectory at the lower edge of the wedge. It also results in zero or little backspin.

Whisk the grass

When you go for practice the next time, you can practice this drill called “whisk the grass”. Before you take the first shot, make sure you that you practice at least 25 pitch swings and this should be done without using a golf ball. Take a look at every divot you make and notice the changes. You must ensure that your wedge spanks the grass every time you take a pitch swing, but does not dig into the ground. Think about it carefully. Your wedge should whisk the grass. When you achieve accurately what we mean to say, you will be able to feel that your wedge just touched the ground at the bottom portion of the club during every swing.

If you try it at least 25 times, you will be able to carve out a divot which makes the grass look scuffed and no sand is taken out from the golf course.

When you have completed the drill, you can continue to drill your pitches and make a good whisk practice swing prior to hitting every shot, till the time your actual shots leave the similar whisked grass divot. If you do it in the right manner, you will notice the accurate ball contact after a few grooves up the clubface. You will also be able to make a nice backspin and great putts.

Practice at the course

Take this drill to the course. In the situation of pitching on the golf course, recall the image of whisked grass and position your clubface of the wedge slightly open. This will enable the sole bounce to whisk the grass. Now, practice three whisk swings. You must ensure that your grip is not too tight. It must be relaxed and light, but of course, not too loose. If you notice that the leading edge of the club or wedge does not stop taking out dirt divots, you can open the clubface slightly more. When you notice that you have begun successfully whisking the grass for at least two times consecutively without making a divot, just move in to pitch the golf ball immediately over the greens using the same swing.


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