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Ball Position In Golf: 4 Fundamental Things To Keep In Mind

Improving consistency and accuracy are elements golfers often work toward. When it comes to ball position these elements are just as important. If the ball is not positioned properly this could through off the entire shot. Ball position can make or break your golf game. Even if you have the best club in your hands to help you make the shot, lack of understanding ball position could still lead to a poor result. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve chances of getting a positive outcome without getting too stressed or frustrated about the play. Here are some suggestions to think about.

  1. Good ball positioning helps you hit consistently. If you know where the ball needs to be you are more likely to have favorable results. Few players don’t pay attention to the aspect of ball positioning. This is more than just playing the ball from where it lands. How the ball is positioned within your stance can affect how your club comes into contact when you swing.
  2. Ball position shouldn’t be the same for every hole or playing will become more of a challenge. Think about which clubs used most often. In many cases the position of the ball is not the same, especially depending on the target and how the ball needs to be hit. If the position of the ball was the same every time you wouldn’t see as much progress. If you are looking to make changes to your play strategy, be sure to consider ball position.
  3. Consider having a ball position for each of your clubs (or at least for your wedge and driver). This may be somewhat controversial for some golfers, but when you think about it, it could make sense. Since golf clubs are made with different designs you could consider having a specific position of the ball for that club. This depends on the result you are looking for and whether you are comfortable with having the same position for a certain club. Practice this aspect and see what happens.
  4. The position may need to be changed if the ball is traveling higher or lower. In other words, make modifications to its position when necessary. Sometimes players don’t change the position of the ball and decide to play it instead of considering potential outcomes if it was positioned differently.


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