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What To Look For In A Flop Wedge - 4 Basic Suggestions

Great golfers have always been able to fashion shots; the more pressurised the situation the harder it is and no one would refuse help. The development of the flop wedge has helped top professionals to be even more precise with their attempts to get close to the pin. They are now commonly in everyone’s bag and those who can trust the loft, 60 degrees comely and even as much as 64 degrees, will see the benefit to their game if they are prepared to grasp the basics of their use and practise.

Conquer a Difficult Shot

There are few shots in golf that can possibly be more difficult than to hit a ball over a nearby hazard to land softly near the flag just behind on the green. The flop shot can achieve that if executed properly and this relatively new wedge is the club to use. You can take a full swing as long as you become proficient with the club because as long as you don’t thin the ball it will carry it the distance you require, and that you have practised.

Although the sand wedge is designed differently to aid bunker shots, the extra loft that the flop wedge provides can even help here, notably when there is a particularly steep bunker face immediately in front of the ball.

Four Basics to Remember

Here are some basic tips which might help you with the club and ultimately your game. There are little design differences in a flop wedge because each will do the intended job if you learn how to play with it:

  • The ball should be in the middle of your stance with your weight evenly distributed.
  • The shaft of the club should be perpendicular or if anything the grip should be slightly forward with the club face square or ever so slightly open.
  • You must accelerate down through the ball as you would with any other golf shot. You must get right through the ball with a full follow through.
  • Trust the loft. You do not need to try to lift the ball somehow through your action. The loft will do that as long as you keep your eyes focussed on the ball and hit it correctly.

It is essential to have faith in the club and treat it as you would every other club. Forget that the face seems to be looking you in the eye at address. It is designed to do the job you bought it for. Go ahead and use it.


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