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Golf Basics: How to Make a Smooth Takeaway

You just need some drills to perfect the takeaway

You must have heard the term “takeaway” while talking about backswing. So, what does it mean? It refers to the initial movement of the club, moving further from the golf ball, while performing the backswing. It is the most important part of the backswing. If you begin the backswing properly, you will have the club in the correct position on the top. In contrast, an incorrect beginning may force you to do some extra movements to complete the rest of the swing. It results in a poor contact with the ball. The tips mentioned below will let you make a smooth takeaway.

Low and slow

It is the most well-known expressions to describe a golf swing. The phrase refers to the use of big muscles first to start the swing. You should initiate the movement of left shoulder first followed by the arms and wrists. Many players commit the mistake of snatching the golf club first and initiate the movement of wrists and hands first.

Continue the swing with the backward travelling of club head, keeping it as low as you can. Keep your hands low while doing the action. A slow and smooth movement sets up the correct sequence of moves to follow.

Position of the clubface

It is extremely important to make a good grip on the club. You might leave your clubface open with a weak grip. On the other hand, you might end up with a closed club face with a strong grip. When you begin the backward movement of the club, make the club face square. The left arm should be stretched back to make the toe of club face and the left thumb face towards the sky.

Path of the swing

Swing the clubhead back and straight from the ball when you begin the swing. You can start this motion by pushing your left arm back and begin the takeaway. Faults in swings occur when you swing the clubhead outside or inside the line of target.

You can practice the correct method of takeaway by the following method. Place the tee toughly 20 inches away from the ball in the ground. Swing back the clubhead and make it hit the tee. This drill makes you hold the clubhead in a low position during the takeaway. If you swing your clubhead outside or inside the line of target, you might overlook the tee.


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