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A List of Simple and Effective Golf Putting Instructions

When you write something on a paper, you do it naturally. However, it you are asked to duplicate your own handwriting, you will get cold feet. Your brain will tell you that it is not possible to produce an exact duplicate of your own creation; some difference will definitely come.

The reason behind this argument inside your own brain is that you are consciously thinking about the matter and not knocking your subconscious. Putting in golf is exactly the same issue like this. You just need to keep your putt shot natural and do not over think. You can use the tips given below, but still try to keep your game at maximum comfort.

The left hand is the leading hand

If you hit a free throw using your right hand, you need to realize that your left hand is a guide. You can sometimes practice with your left hand only. You can also ask someone to grab a golf club in front of the hands on target line. Now, you need to hit the grip with your hands’ backside, not the fingers.

Roll the golf ball- do not hit it

The best way to control distance is to spin or roll the golf ball and not bump it too hard. In order to do it, open the stance, with slightly more weight on your left and the putter leaning in the direction of target. When the stance is open, it is simpler to feel your left hand moving down and out the line of target. Leaning forward counterbalances the 4 degrees loft required for the putter. It helps the golf ball to spin smoothly.

While you hit the stroke, you need to keep the head of putter to the ground after the impact. The putter would ascend a little, but do not hit up the ball. It may make the golf ball hop.

Use the fingers

You can hold your putter in any way you wish, but it should not cease your left hand to perform while you hit the ball. You must ensure that you hold the club in the fingers. The club’s shaft must rise up to your left hand’s lifeline. It will help you control the clubface, especially when your fingers hold the grip. The right forefinger can be dropped down its shaft, but do not maneuver with it. You do not have to consider the working of your palms.


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