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Practical Advice On How To Deal With A Buried Bunker Lie

The sight of the ball buried in the bunker can seriously affect your mood because sometimes even the pro golfers have trouble with the buried bunker lie. Yes, the buried bunker lie (fried egg lie or plugged lie) is one of the toughest situations any golfer could face. Players who are put in this situation think only about getting the ball out of the sand and nothing else. What’s the solution to this problem? Today, we’ll share with everyone some practical advice on how to deal with a buried bunker lie.

  • As we said earlier, try to bring the ball out of the sand, and think of nothing else. Some players, mostly amateurs, have the pin as the target when planning to hit from the buried bunker lie. That’s just naïve thinking. Escaping the ball from the buried sand itself is a huge achievement. So, focus on only that and nothing else.
  • Select the club for this shot very carefully. Depending on the lip height and distance of the shot choose the pitching, gap, or lob wedge. Why select these clubs instead of the sand wedge? The above-listed wedge clubs have lesser bounce than the sand wedge and have a thin sole. With these features, the wedge club will easily slide into the sand. Pro golfers and experts recommend the use of sand wedge only if the bunker has soft sand.
  • Begin the setup by taking a normal bunker stance with the feet well dug into the sand for better balance. Transfer extra weight on the lead foot (i.e.) the left foot for right-handed players and the right foot for left-handed golfers.
  • For this shot, the ball must be placed at the center of the stance. Adjust the club shaft so that it’s pointed towards the target.
  • The leading edge of the club must pierce the sand, so toe in or close the clubface a little.
  • To effectively bring the ball out of the sand, play a quick backswing and hinge the wrist sooner than you usually do.
  • With a steep angle bring down the club hard. You won’t be hitting the ball directly. The impact spot should be an inch behind the ball.
  • Players don’t need to have a big follow-through. Actually, a very short or even a zero follow-through is acceptable for this shot.
  • The ball flying out of the bunker will have no backspin or a slight over spin.


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