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The Correct Way To Hit The Ball Low In Golf

When weather is a factor it may be necessary to hit the ball low. This gives you control of getting the ball to the target while being able to achieve good distance. This can be a tricky shot for beginners but when you understand basic elements that need to be in place, practice will help you achieve the shot in no time. Many professional players rely on this shot when it’s windy or they need to achieve a great amount of distance during the shot. Below are easy tips to help you hit the ball low on the golf course.

  • Make slight adjustment to your setup. This is just an option to consider as some players make an adjustment and see little change. Pay attention to your form and what your body is doing as you swing to make contact with the ball. Is your posture good? How about positioning of your shoulders and your body toward the target?
  • When you swing keep it even. As you make your swing try to maintain consistency as you move through. This also includes maintaining swing speed and tempo. If you can keep it even you should have no problem establishing solid contact with good follow through.
  • The target should be where your wrists point toward. If you think about how your arms and shoulders move when you swing your iron, consider the direction your wrists are facing. This means as you swing and come into contact with the ball your wrists should also be moving toward your intend target with a smooth motion.
  • Reduce pressure of grip and keep tension to a minimum. Tension in your grip can make it difficult to retain control through your swing. If you have too much tension you could end up hitting the ball with too much force; the ball may not remain low.
  • Aim toward the back of the ball when swinging. If you aim toward the back of the ball during your swing this encourages you to keep your clubhead in line with your swing path. The back of the ball hit can help the ball stay low after impact.
  • Practice. The only way to know for sure how to hit a golf ball low is to practice. Make slight changes to your strategy if necessary and note your results. As you practice work on being consistent with your moves.


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