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Perfecting Your Stance Off The Tee – 5 Golf Tips

Being the first shot on each hole, the tee shot is crucial to every round of golf. Hitting good tee shots could go a long way to scoring well on the golf course. Here are five tips to ensure you hit the perfect tee shot.

  1. Feet placement

  2. Grip

  3. Alignment

  4. Balance

  5. Picking a target

Feet placement

The set up to every golf shot is essential. Feet placement is as important as anything. Your feet should be lined up about shoulder width apart from each other. For right-handed players, tee the ball up inside the hell of your left foot; for left-handed players, the same for your right foot. This allows you to make contact with the ball on a bit of an upswing which will maximize trajectory and distance.


The grip is a part of the set up that has a tendency to be viewed as unimportant. However, it is vital to hitting solid shots. Grip it too loosely, and the club may slip or move in your hands. Grip it too tightly, it tends to make that player swing harder and lose accuracy and distance. Relax your hands and grip it comfortably; this makes it much easier to turn the club over at impact to create the straight shot.


After you get your feet set up properly, aligning them with your shoulders is the next step. Your shoulders and feet must be aligned in conjunction with each to hit the ball straight. Even the slightest difference could result in a hook or a slice. You can use another golf club or an alignment stick to check your feet. Place it down along your feet, step back and take a look at where your aligned. Then look along your shoulders to make sure that target line is the same.


Balance is vital to making good contact with the ball. Losing balance one way or the other will result in a wayward drive. You want to keep your balance in the center of your body, and the center of your feet all throughout the swing. This allows you to keep the club face square through impact.


Last but not least, choosing a target. Choosing a target depends on the shot shape you want. If you want to play it left to right, choose a target a bit left of the fairway, and vice versa for a right to left shot. It helps to pick out a physical landmark as a target. For instance, pick out a tree in the distance that you can firmly keep your eye on.

You’ll hit 18 tee shots over the course of the round, each one as important as the previous. Follow these steps, and you’ll hit the fairway with each one.


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