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Advanced Golf Tips On How To Play The Ball Above Your Feet

You’re not alone; many players find it difficult to play shots when the ball is above the feet. How you overcome such tight situations to play a perfect truly defines your skill. Even experienced players tend to commit mistakes trying this kind of shot. A few simple tricks and some correction to technique will help you master this stroke.

  • Obviously, understanding and assessing the situation is the first and the most important step to take. The ball is on an uneven lie; this’ll obviously impact the flight. Strokes played with such a lie will normally make the ball fly in a right-to-left direction. So, understand the lie before you decide on the club.
  • Two factors should dictate your club selection. One, in this case the ball is above your feet, which means it’s a lot closer to your body. If this is a fairway shot, your usual club will prove too long. You can adjust to this change, either by gripping down the club or using a shorter iron. For example: if 5-iron is your regular go-to club for a fairway shot, for the ball above your feet select a 4-iron.
  • Furthermore, with uneven lie players often lose their balance if they employ the full swing. Use only 80 percent of your normal swing. The trick here is to hit long without losing balance or employing a full swing. Hence, choose a club with more distance and less loft.
  • Assume a narrow stance and the ball must be slightly back of center. To negate the right-to-left flight of the ball change the clubface angle. Adjust the clubface so that it is pointing slightly left of the target. There are two more amends to make: Open up your stance and do the same to the clubface.
  • Balance is certainly an issue in situations where the ball is above your feet. To execute the shot without losing your balance rest your body weight on the toes, and not on the heels. Don’t forget you need to stay 100 percent balance throughout the shot.
  • For sidehill lie, your swing must be a lot flatter than usual. Follow all the points given above, play a smooth swing and not a hurried up, over accelerated shot. Don’t be in two minds and don’t try to control the speed of the club on the downswing. A clean swing at 80 percent normal speed and a flatter hit will take the ball closer to the target.


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