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Mastering The Stinger Drive – A Comprehensive Tutorial

Stinger drive – a term first used and popularized by the legendary Tiger Woods, is essentially a powerful drive (punch shot) that has a low trajectory. Tiger Woods started using this shot off the tee with his 2-iron, basically to gain better control over the drive. Though it would take any golfer years of practice to execute the Stinger as Tiger Woods does, learning and mastering it to improve your game is very much possible. Here are some useful points about the Stinger drive.

As we mentioned above, it’s impossible to replicate what Tiger Woods does. He uses the raw strength; generates power with his strong shoulder and arm muscles, to make the ball travel long at low trajectory, and uses his skill of clubface angle and path manipulation to gain control over the drive. You may not have the same skill set as Woods, at least not yet, to play the Stinger, but you can develop your own style. Just follow the steps given below.

  • Instead of a 2-iron or 3-iron, which Tiger Woods normally uses for the Stinger, choose either a hybrid club with 20degree loft or a 5-iron to play this shot.
  • Assume a stance that’s slightly wider than normal, and position the ball a couple of inches back of the center.
  • The weight distribution must be uneven – more (60 percent) on the front foot (left foot for right-handed golfers and right foot for left-handed players). Ensure the hands are forward (i.e.) ahead of the ball.
  • To achieve better control over the club, grip the iron lower than usual (one or two inches, and not more). The wrist must remain firm throughout the swing.
  • Take a moment to observe your position. The arms, hands, and club stem must together make a ‘Y’. Try to maintain the same formation, even while taking a full backswing. In case of Tiger Woods it’s almost a full backswing. You can try the same, but our suggestion is a maximum swing that’ll take the club back fully with a full shoulder turn.
  • Now, bring the club down with considerable momentum and during the downswing and follow through your hips must fully recoil, allowing the upper body to rotate fully. The club face must be in an open position.
  • The Stringer usually has a shortened finish. The follow through must not go higher than the left shoulder.
  • The Stinger drive is the ideal shot to play when the course condition is windy.


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