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Looking For A Two-Days Golf Break Package In Lagos Including Flights

The capital of the Algarve

Lagos is known as the hub town of the Algarve. This historic town has plenty going for it outside of the golf: the old city walls and the sea caves down at the shore are just two of many sights that keep tourists coming back year after year.

Flights to Lagos

The nearest airport to the town of Lagos is Faro International (100 miles east). You can find cheap flights from all major UK airports and all the budget airlines fly to Faro on a daily basis.

Organizing your accommodation

Consider the following three options for accommodation. Many golfers have enjoyed staying at all three so they are good safe bets when it comes to booking your hotel in Lagos:

  • Tivoli Lagos

  • Vila Gale Lagos

  • The Marina Club Lagos

Note: Lagos hotels get busy between June and August so plan your trip carefully to avoid being told "there are no spare rooms at the inn".

Organizing your golf

We've listed a few courses to consider for your golfing needs during your two-day stay. Because you are looking to book a two day stay, time is of the essence and you don't want to waste too much time traveling. For that reason, I'm only recommending courses that are near to Lagos:

  • Boavista: This is the closest of all the courses to the old town of Lagos and should be the first Lagos course you consider for your quick weekend of golf.

  • Penina: The course that started the Algarve golf tourism book back in the 1960's. It still retains an established and old-world feel even today.

  • Onyria: 27 holes designed by Robert Trent Jones with three separate loops of nine holes so you can play three different 18 holes on three different days.

  • Pro Putting Gardens: if you want to work on your putting stroke and don't want to get out on a full course, you'll find the Pro Putting Gardens just outside the town walls of Lagos. If there were a "World Putting Championships" this is where the finals would be held every year.

Because you are on a tight time schedule, you should book all of your tee times online at these places to make sure you get to play your rounds when you want, as you only have two days, you don't have much time for waiting around.


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