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Top 5 Indoor Golf Practice Drills For Dummies

When you can’t get to the golf course, or you happen to be stuck indoors for the day, there are a few golf drills to try to improve your skills. Many golfers like to do practice drills outdoors when you have more room. But, being indoors may help you focus on specific elements of the drill. For the most part, you have something to look forward to that won’t damage anything in the house unless you happen to hit the ball too hard. There is a variety of indoor drills worth trying out but here are 5 to get you started.

  1. Chipping practice: use an 8-iron or a 9-iron and then a wedge. Use a towel or small basket as your target for the ball. Work to make the ball land directly on the towel but avoid letting it roll onto it.
  2. Backswing practice: use book instead of club to go into your backswing. Hold book with palms facing each other with your eyes looking downward and your knees slightly bent. Move book as if you are swinging a club to form a 45 degree angle. The object of the drill is to keep the book steady. Move your top hand away when reaching top of swing. If the book falls off try again.
  3. Distance control practice: use two golf balls and a penny with your putter. Sit a ball on top of a penny. The other ball should be in front a few inches away. Practice hitting the first ball to the second ball on the penny without knocking the ball off the penny. Increase distance each time for more practice.
  4. Putter practice: use 2 books along with golf ball and club. Put books next to each other on the floor but leave enough space for the ball to sit between them. This drill helps create a target line for your club. You work to improve your backstroke, forward stroke and tempo. Practice swinging at the ball but the clubhead should hit either book as you swing at the ball.
  5. Speed control practice: place small objects on a carpet floor and hit the ball to each object. As you hit the ball to each object hit it just past it to note speed. Do ten rounds and try to control speed each time to different objects.


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