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What Are The Best 9-Hole Golf Courses In And Around Lisbon?

Tree-lined streets, Roman ruins, domed cathedrals and lively and colorful house and cafes welcome you to one of the oldest cities in Portugal, Lisbon. Besides its historic charm, the city also has some of the best golf courses near it, which is a golfer’s paradise. If you are planning a golf getaway in Portugal, you must pay a visit to some of these excellent 9-hole golf courses in and around this beautiful city:

Club De Golfe Belavista

The Club de Golfe Belavista is located just in the center of Lisbon and is one of the most challenging and exciting 9-hole courses in the city. It has 6 artificial lakes and quite a difficult terrain. The course has only three par-3 holes and the remaining are all par-4 holes.

Academia International de Golfe Estoril Sol (Sintra)

This course is located to the west of Lisbon and you can reach it by taking the left turn Estoril/Sintra road. This par-31 course is around 1805 meters long. It is the perfect course for any beginner and as you move up the hill, you will face newer and more exciting challenges.

Campo Azul

The Campo Azul in Estoril is located to the west of Lisbon, and this course has hosted two international tournaments. This par-34 course is around 2379 meters in length and has a number of mimosa and eucalyptus trees that will challenge you.

Mosteiro Course

The Mosteiro Course is located to the west of Lisbon and to get there you must take the EN 9 road and then go left towards Lagoa Azul. The course will be on your left hand side. This par-35 course is 2588 meters in length and is one of the best 9-hole courses to play on.

These 9-hole golf courses in and around Lisbon are perfect for you to hone your golf skills on and you will soon become a pro after playing on these challenging terrains. Make your way through water hazards and over rocky terrains to get the perfect hole in one.

Remember practice makes perfect, so make sure you practice and try out most of these excellent golf courses in Portugal. This will improve your overall game and help you perfect the right stance and grip while playing with a number of different clubs and trying a whole range of new shots.


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