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A Complete Golf Instruction On How To Carry Out The High Lob Shot

As a novice or an amateur yet to learn the nuances of certain shots that demand accuracy and precision, it’s natural to be nervy about the lob shot. There are parts to this shot the golfer has to get right; a steep ascent, a short travel, a steep descent, and a dead landing (i.e.) soft landing with minimal roll on the grass.

A lob shot is usually played when you want the ball to stop quickly as in hitting from the bunker to a short side position. Wedges with high loft angle are used for this shot, preferably with clubs of loft angle range of 60 – 64 degrees. So, how to hit high lob shots, here are some instructions that’ll surely help you.

  1. Position the ball slightly forward (2-3 inches) to the center of the stance, and with the feet open place two-third of the body weight on the lead foot for increased stability (left foot for right-handers and right foot for left-hand players).
  2. Obviously, to play a high lob shot you need a lob wedge, this goes without saying. To get the ball higher, the ideal option is a 60 or more degree wedge. Also, open the clubface more, and aim the clubface a little right of the target. An open clubface will aid the bounce and loft.
  3. When you address the ball, your body alignment (shoulder and feet) must be slightly to the left of the target. You’ve assumed a good stance now bend the knees (more than the normal bend).
  4. While executing the backswing with the clubface open, take the club outside slightly and keep the wrist hinged. The stance you take must aid free upper body rotation to allow easy down swing and follow through.
  5. To achieve high loft there must be plenty of back spin on the ball. This is possible by hitting the ball on the downswing (i.e.) the club must descend into contact with the ball. When bringing down the lob wedge the club must slide under the ball. During the follow through the body, which initially was aligned slightly to the left of the target, must be turned towards the target. The clubface must remain open till the end of the swing.
  6. Many would expect a lie on a firm surface to be an easy situation for a lob shot, but it’s the opposite. To master the high lob, players need to work hard and practice regularly.


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