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The Best Way To Play The Pinhal Golf Course In Vilamoura

Tips to give your best shot at Pinhal

The Pinhal golf course is among the oldest golf courses in the Vilamoura region in Algarve. Launched in the year 1976, the course designed by Frank Pennink was the 2nd course to be built in the region. The course was further redesigned in 1985 by Robert Trent Jones, a North American.

The redesigned course had plenty of new challenges. Properly maintained and with a friendly atmosphere the golf course offers players splendid opportunity to practice and polish their game with its sophisticated and challenging design which features a flat terrain with water hazards.

Tips to play the best game at Pinhal

Trent Jones had brought in several innovative changes to the course. The holes had been designed on both American and British golf courses. This introduces an entirely new and challenging game to golfers. Here are some tips to help

  • The course, built right amidst beautiful pine wood trees and panoramic sea views, has smaller sized greens, so you need to be skilled at precise approach shots to get the scores. The golf course has typical parkland terrain and the fairways are lined by pine trees.
  • The 18-hole 72 par course offers quite a considerable number of challenges of which the hole 17 needs special mention. At 496 m and par 5 level from championship tee, you get to play a birdie or an eagle, if you risk your shot, so you drive it to your right towards the restricted zone. This lets you cut through the accentuated dogleg in the fairway.
  • You come across water hazards such as stream and ponds only in five holes of the 18 holes in the course. Moreover, these too do not pose much of a threat, if you are an above average player.
  • The recently lengthened holes help you to use all the modern technical shots easily. For instance, the par-72 is now 6,352 m long from the white markers.
  • The club allows single players when the course is not busy. This helps to practice and improve your game in the challenging course. However, practice in general is allowed only in the areas specially allocated for practice.

When you follow the rules and etiquette of the course, you will have a better advantage. To play in the course you need a handicap certificate. The handicaps recommended by the course are 36 for women, while for men it is 28. In addition, make sure you do not pitch in the putting areas.


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