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Downswing Golf Instruction: Tips To Help You Master The Basics

There are so many things that you can learn in golf. From techniques to your body position, it is really easy for you to start learning how to become a better player, and more importantly, how you can use your skills to make the best use of your time on the course.

When you are playing golf, one of the most important moves that you need to perfect is the downswing. There are a lot of beginner players who do not really know much about this. It should be at the back of your mind, that the downswing will in fact determine the success of the shot you are trying to play.

The following are some tips that will easily help you learn to perform the downswing in the best possible manner:

  • The position of the hands

  • Use your spine

  • Derive power from the body

The position of the hands

It is important that you have your hands low when performing the downswing. This is important in the sense that it enables you limit the height of the follow through. As a result, this also means that the height of your shots will be reduced, hence more efficiency since you do not have to worry about shots flying too high into the air.

Use your spine

There is so much that your spine does to your game. For the downswing, you have to move the ball a bit behind in your stance, or even choose a stronger club. All these will come down to how you can play your spine into the game. Typically, the spine is supposed to be on plane at the top of your swing, so that you can hit the ball with increased accuracy.

Derive power from the body

This is perhaps something that all golfers know at the moment. All the power that you will use in this game will be derived from the body. In fact, the arms will not even play any role in this. Make sure that you learn how to power your club by deriving power from the body, by having the body in a dead-stop position.

Once you get to master the downswing, your success rate on the course will be far much better than it has ever been before, and this is what you should be aiming for, particularly when you are just starting out.


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