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Golf Breaks In Portugal: Planning Your Tour On A Budget

Golf break in Portugal is awesome, but at the same time, it’s expensive too. Don’t let the cost ruin your dream golf vacation in Portugal. It’s very much possible to plan a golf break in Portugal without emptying your life savings. Just follow the tips given below.

Plan in advance

The best golf deals are out there waiting for you to discover them. Finding them would take time, so you need to start planning the holiday well in advance. Golf enthusiasts around the world want to play on the best courses and Portugal is home to some of the finest courses in the world. The demand is obviously high and if you want to get lucky you’ve to plan months ahead of your trip.

Time the booking to perfection

We wanted you to plan early but wait for the right time to book the air tickets, rooms, and golf tee times. Most tourists know that they’ll have plenty of options if they book early, say six months ahead of their trip, but very few of them do it. This puts you in an advantageous position. Act quickly when the tickets, rooms, and tee times are available in plenty.

The week prior to the trip is another booking window that can offer you bookings at affordable rates. Flights, resorts, and golf courses don’t want their services to go unsold at any cost. So, if they have unsold tickets, rooms, or tee times they offer them at discount prices.

Visit during non-peak period

Non-peak periods in Portugal fall between June to August and from mid-November to March. The weather during these months are either very hot or cold, not the ideal conditions to play golf. The flights, resorts, hotels, and golf courses are thinly populated during the non-peak months. To attract golf tourist deals are made available at discount rates. If you don’t mind playing in not so ideal conditions then go ahead and book discount golf packages.

Visiting during weekdays

Small adjustments to your schedule can save you hundreds of dollars. Start with the flight tickets. The truth is that flight tickets are the cheapest if you fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, consider the cheapest days to book rooms and tee times before you get into action.


Some may think that haggling is fine in case of groceries, cars, homes, etc, but when it comes to vacation services it’s downright rude. That’s so not true. You can keep the cost of your golf break considerably low if you can contact individual services and bargain or ask for concessions.


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