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Playing The Salgados Golf Course: From A Professional Golfer’s Notebook

Salgados course is located in the best region of the world when it comes to Golf. Portugal is famous for the Golf courses that it offers but then in Portugal, Algarve is famous for the luxurious course it has to offer and then among those luxurious courses, Salgados is the name that no one should ever forget. It is known for its beauty and luxury. It is surrounded by water which makes it worth a trip and a game of course. It is located between the two famous cities Albufeira and Admacao de Pera. It has occupied the front of the Portuguese Golf Postcard. It has a lot of lakes within the boundaries of the course which makes it a difficult course and people can test their skills in this course.

  • It is a very challenging Golf Course with a length of 6080 meters. It extends on the sea side and has lakes within the boundaries too. These lakes are obstacles because some of them lie in the green area near the target holes.
  • The green areas are pretty close to the Address points but still, the hurdles will not let you pass them very easily, they will need all your skills before you can reach the hole.
  • The type of the course is like a Parkland. So in case you have not played on a Parkland course, you should consider practicing for a while before you try reaching this course.
  • It is an 18 Holes Golf Course and one of the famous ones in the whole region. The 18 Holes clearly tell you that you will have plenty of time for playing as it will be a long game.
  • Mostly courses offer a practice area for Par 3 but this course is very different than the normal courses you see as it has no practice area. So, in case you are planning on playing in this course, you should consider practicing before you visit this course.
  • The Hiccup for men in this course is set to 34 while that for women is 36. This will give you some time to think about whether you should visit this course or not.
  • This course does not offer different rates for juniors. Each and every Golfer is treated the same way.

It clearly tells you that you should be both Mentally and Physically prepared before you even think of visiting the Salgados Golf Course.


I wanted to find a good adviser on golf trips but find this indeed helpful place where you can both boost your skills and pick the most picturesque golf spot.

Nick D.

Go for at least a week

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