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Making A Perfect High Shot With An Iron Club

The good news is irons are designed to add high trajectory to your golf shots. The difficult bit is to create the correct angle of impact while swinging your club at about 90-100 miles per hour. Here are the key points you must remember to execute this elusive but essential shot. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The key to hitting the perfect iron shot is solid contact. The biggest error that most beginners make is trying to scoop the golf ball. Instead one should focus on a controlled yet complete swing. Once you are at the top of you backswing shift your weight back to the center of your stance as you begin the downswing. Now this is the important bit, your downswing needs to move from In-to-Out.
  • If you draw a line with your clubhead while taking the backswing on your way back down the clubhead has to be inside this line. Continue swinging outward through the ball and well into your follow through.
  • A great drill for this is to place a tee a few inches in front of the ball but a little to the right of the target. Swing towards this tee. The result should be a high draw.
  • Use your divot to analyse your swing and check how well you’ve able to swing in-to-out. If you succeeded in your attempt the divot should appear to be pointing to the right of the target instead of parallel to your stance. But please do not force yourself to dig up the fairways. A good divot is a result of a good swing, not vice versa.
  • Another important fact you should remember is to create compression. This means you need to hit into the golf ball without digging into the ground. To do so, you’ll have to make sure you hit through the ball. For irons, unlike a driver, the golf ball doesn’t simply bounce of the face of the club. You need to compress the iron into the ball so that it gets squeezed between the club and the ground. At this point the ball begins to spin along the face of the iron and then launches off the face of the club creating the perfect high shot.
  • Also remember the more fluid your swing is, the better will be the result. It is imperative you eliminate all the jerks from your golf swing. This is probably what is slowing your swing down.
  • The final secret to great shots is confidence. Trust your practice and trust your swing.


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