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10 European Golf Courses That Should Be On Top Of Your List

Europe is home to some of the best golf courses that you will ever come across in the world. In the even that you are ever planning on going on a golf holiday and playing in some of the best courses you can come across in your lifetime, you need to consider your destination to one of the countries in Europe that are popular for golf tourism. Of course you will need to think in terms of places like Portugal, Spain, Scotland or even England to get the perfect experience. The following is a lowdown of some of the finest courses that should be at the top of your list:

  • St. Andrews Links
  • Morfontaine
  • Noordwijkse
  • PGA Catalunya
  • Real Valderrama
  • Les Bordes
  • Fontainebleau
  • Royal Zoute
  • Koninklijke Haagsche
  • Chantilly

St. Andrews Links

This is an incredible golf course in Scotland, and ranks among the best because of the history of golf as associated to this fantastic club.


The term loosely translates to a monument. It is one of the best courses ever designed by Tom Simpson, even though Kyle Philips has had a number of changes made on its appearance.


This is a classic in as far as links courses are concerned. Every single hole in this course winds down to the dunes and at times into the pine woods.

PGA Catalunya

Anyone who comes to Spain on a golf holiday will certainly want to have a go on this course. It is marvelous and an amazing contribution to golf tourism in the country.

Real Valderrama

This golf course has been a heartthrob for so many players owing to its popularity in a number of golf tournaments that have since been held live on TV.

Les Bordes

If you are traveling to France for a golf holiday, you have to play on this course. The design and the conditioning comes second to none around here.


This is another incredible course in the wider French golf contingent. However, of all the courses in Ile de France, none comes close to the allure of Golf de Fontainebleau.

Royal Zoute

An awesome course in Belgium, which has often been described by so many elite players to be the hidden gem in Belgium.


This course takes after the common folklore in France about the prettiness of Chantilly, and is a sight to behold

Koninklijke Haagsche

In as much as this is a Dutch golf course, so many elite players have often likened it to the coastline in the UK.


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