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Fundamental Advice On How To Utilize A Golf Driver

Who doesn’t like to swing away at your golf driver and blast shot after shot along the course? If you attain a good distance on such shots, you will be able to put a hole in one much faster. But unless you know the proper way to use the golf driver, you will not be able to make such world-class shots.


There are some basic points that you must keep in mind when using a golf drive that are as follows:

  • Don’t Overpower the Shot
  • You must not get too excited and swing away at the ball, as they could be detrimental to your shot. Instead, just try to play a long and straight shot and keep it consistent.

  • Align the ball forward
  • Place the ball forward in line with your lead foot so that the clubhead makes contact with it on the upswing. This alignment will ensure that the ball travels far on the golf course.

  • Maintain a sweeping motion
  • To get a better loft for your ball, you should swing your driver in a sweeping motion. Try to avoid using a downward angle as this will create too much spin and may spoil the shot.

  • Pick a target
  • It is always essential to keep a target in mind when using a golf driver otherwise you may just end up swinging wildly. Focus on either a specific point on a tree or a fairway bunker in the distance and aim for that. This will help you give more precision to your shots.

  • Pause at the top
  • When using a gold driver, you must let the backswing go all the way to the top. Stopping a backswing midway will not give the desired acceleration and depth to the shots. You should pause on top of the backswing and then come back down to create the ideal long drive.

  • Tee off!
  • Now that the basics of using a golf driver are clear to you, you can go ahead and set the ball rolling on the golf court. Just remember not to overpower your shot and align the ball forward to create the perfect long drive that will leave other golfers on the course in awe of you. Just aim at the right spot on the fairway and use a sweeping motion to create the perfect golf swing and send the ball soaring high and far.


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