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Top 4 Best Golf Weight Transfer Tips For Beginners

Like all sports, tennis is a good example, you need to shift your weight from your left to your right to generate power. So here are 4 weight transfer tips specific for golfers (especially beginners) to make sure that you are shifting your weight correctly during your swing:

  1. One thing you can do is, as you take your backswing, lift your left foot off the ground making sure that all of your weight is on your right leg. At the end of your backswing, you will be fully turned behind the ball and your left foot will be off the ground. This will ensure that you have shifted your weight onto your right leg. Conversely, on the follow-through, as you shift your weight onto your left leg, lift your right foot off the ground making sure that all of your weight is on your left leg. If you want to exaggerate this move as you finish your swing, walk through towards the target as if you were following the ball.
  2. Hit shots from an uphill lie. If you can find a hill on your home course, place the ball on uphill lie. Doing this will train force you shift all of your weight onto your right leg on the backswing. If you put the ball on a downhill lie and hit some shots, this will force the weight onto your left leg and will improve your follow-through.
  3. The next drill I want you to try is to draw your left foot back around 4/5 inches as you set up over the ball. Bring your left food back so that your left toe is in line with your right heel. After you have set up like this, take your backswing and you'll notice how much weight goes back onto your right leg during the backswing.
  4. The final drill I have for you is put two umbrellas in the ground as you address the ball. One umbrella should be near your right hip and the other should be near your left hip. As you take your backswing, your right hip will bump the umbrella near your right leg. Then, as you go through the ball in your follow through, your left hip will bump the other umbrella.

Try these 4 drills and you will soon correct any faults you have with shifting your weight in your golf swing.


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