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A Complete Guide to Oceanico Faldo Golf Course

Sir Nick Faldo had strategic play in his mind when he designed Oceanico Faldo Championship Golf Course. This par 72 course spread over 6598 meters requires careful positioning to make good scores. The dramatic lands of Amendoeira give the course a potential to become the talking point among the golf courses of Algarve.

The scenery

The course is laid out with a traditional recipe prepared with a modern twist. The wild herbs and cacti have taken the place of basic Holm oaks and Sunningdale’s heather. The prehistoric olive trees have replaced the luxuriant English woodland. The desert bushed bunkers made of crushed limestone have replaced the sandy tracts of Berkshire in the golf course which reveals the typical standards of strategic play.

Nick Faldo has designed this course while exploring his passion for the design just like he explored his fervor for playing golf. Here, you will get undulating fairways and incredible views throughout the course. The natural terrains of the place make it an absolute delight for the golfers to play here.

Judgment is obligatory

When you are standing by the tee during your game, it is amazing to watch the golf hole telling you what you should do. You even get a reward if you follow the signals of the golf course but you have to pay a penalty as well if you do not obey. The fairways are a little hilly, which gives fantastic views to harmonize with the course. The designer has designed this place in such a manner that you have to deal with significant challenges whenever you choose this course to test your skills. You might find some easy holes here and there, but they are an exception rather than rule. You have to think before playing the easy holes as well.

Some selected holes

The first hole of the course is the testing uphill, coverable in Par-4. It offers numerous opportunities of reward and risk. The hole number 4 is Par-5, which comes across a meandering water body. The watercourse amuses you on three of the 9 holes in the front. The 13th hole, Par-5, is a descending fairway. If you master to play this hole, you have accomplished more than half the feat. This hole demands steady shot making throughout your path. You will also find the hole number 14 as well as 15 a challenge. Sometimes you have to play among the rocky outcrops. The 18th hole brings the golf round to a close, again with a wonderful Par-5.


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